The long weekend is ahead of us, and if you're hitting the road, brace yourself to pay up at the pump as gas prices soar. It costs me around $35 to fill up my car right now, which reminds me of when I first got my license during the 2008 financial crisis (with a minimum wage retail job, at that). Even now, it hurts. And while there isn't really any 'cheap' gas in Colorado, these gas stations might give you the most bang for your buck this Fourth of July weekend. 

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According to GasBuddy, which is updated daily, the lowest gas price in the Fort Collins area is for Costco (Timnath) and Sam's Club (Loveland) members, at $3.16 a gallon.

For non-members (hi, me), Valero on Riverside Avenue in Fort Collins has gas for $3.19 per gallon, as of June 30. Shell stations in Fort Collins start at $3.26 per gallon.

For Estes Park residents, the local Safeway also has gas for $3.19.

Because GasBuddy is updated so frequently, you can check up on gas prices before you take off for the weekend here.

Another thing you may encounter, however, is gas shortages. KDVR reported that gas stations across Colorado are running out of fuel, and it's not even because of a lack of supply —  it's because of COVID, believe it or not.

'It’s a lack of truck drivers,' KDVR said. 'Many quit during the pandemic. Demand for fuel is also rising because of the busy summer travel season as life returns to normal after the pandemic.'

AAA said this could happen through the fall of this year, with a spokesperson telling KDVR that it takes longer to 'build [travel season] back up' after the pandemic quickly shut it down. Read more here.

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