The University of Colorado Buffaloes football team is making some serious noise so far this season, but if you're in Northern Colorado or Southern Colorado, can you still be a Buffs fan?

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Can You Be A Buffs Fan In Northern Colorado?

It's hard not to argue that Coach Prime, Deion Sanders, has made the CU Buffs more relevant than they've been in close to 30 years.

I was just watching the Rock live in Boulder on ESPN. I don't think the Rock has EVER been to Boulder before today. That right there tells you how big of a spotlight is on the city of Boulder, Colorado, and the CU Buffaloes.

Clearly, there is a longstanding rivalry among Colorado schools, especially between CU and CSU, or even the Air Force.

And it really came out this week with the Colorado coaches.


So my question is, can you be a CU fan, especially during Rocky Mountain Showdown week, if you live in Northern Colorado? Does it matter in Southern Colorado? Or the West Slope?

Can CSU Rams Fans Be Colorado Buffalos Fans?

I moved to Northern Colorado in 2005 for my first full-time job in radio.

When you work in Fort Collins, home of the CSU Rams, and you drive by CSU's Campus every day to work, not to mention your younger brother was a student (now a graduate) of CSU, you can't help but cheer on the green and gold!

Full disclosure, though, I was raised in Denver, Colorado, and my dad was, and still is, a massive CU Buffs fan. Even through all of the years of terrible football, he was still a fan. Because of his loyalty, I was raised a Buffs fan. See where my conflict here is?

Coach Prime came in after the Buffs 1-11 season last year and has completely turned the program around.

And while CSU brought in the amazing Coach Jay Norvell, they haven't garnered near the attention our neighbors to the southwest have gotten.

The season is young, but as a Colorado football fan, we've got a lot to be excited about.

So, again I ask, can you like and support the excitement and early success of the Coach Prime and the CU Buffs if you're a CSU Rams fan? Or an Air Force fan? The simple answer is YES. (Even though the coaches going back and forth this week has been pretty entertaining...)

Can You Be A CU Buffaloes Fan In Fort Collins, Colorado?

This particular Rocky Mountain Showdown weekend might be tough; draw your line in the sand, but after this week, you can proudly support Colorado sports as a whole.

There are some who disagree, and I respect that, but do what makes you happy.

If Coach Prime and what he says does and accomplishes inspires or excites you, just go with it. The same goes for CU Fans ... You're welcome to jump on the CSU bus and support our Rams at any point.

So ... who do you got this weekend? Will you be tossing on your glasses and hat?

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