Face it, bacon makes everything better. And guacamole makes most everything better too. Now imagine a Whooper with both bacon and guacamole on it…is your mouth watering yet?
The California WHOPPER® is back and better than ever at BURGER KING®, and you can join me and 99.9 The Point at the BURGER KING® on Timberline Road in Fort Collins to try it out next Thursday.

We’ll be out at BURGER KING® (2101 S. Timberline Road) Thursday, October 18th from 11am-1pm. I’ll have to giveaways and prizes to sing up for and you can try some of the new menu items at BURGER KING®, such as the California WHOPPER® with guacamole and bacon. (I get mine without mayo and it is delicious!)

BURGER KING® is making some big changes to their menu like the fact that all of their vegetables are now sliced fresh every morning. That includes the Haas Avocados they use to make their guacamole, it’s made fresh everyday. (And get this, for a limited time you can add guacamole to any item on BK®’s menu.) Maybe I just love avocados, but that makes me giddy.

So, here is your invite: Join me for lunch next Thursday and see what the new BK® menu has to offer. (I haven’t even tried everything they have yet, but I do have glowing recommendations for the California WHOPPER®, the chicken parmesan sandwich, the chicken apple and cranberry garden fresh salad, raspberry real fruit smoothie, and the Cinnabon Minibon Rolls.)

Is anyone else hungry?

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