Sometime in the past few years you heard the line "wake up with The King" (The King being a mascot of sorts for the Burger King empire). The commercials usually involved a man in a creepy rubbery-plastic mask showing up in your bedroom with a breakfast sandwich, or following you down the street to put en extra buck in your back pocket.

Well, after sales slumped since they introduced The King, Burger King has finally decided to retire the character. I only wish they would have pulled his plug a little sooner.

Sometimes, advertising agencies just get things wrong. I think history will look back at the Burger King marketing campaign involving The King and simply say, "That was a terrible idea."

I am fairly certain there were times I chose to go any place other than Burger King simply because The King  creeps me out.

Call me childish or shallow, but that's the truth. I think he showed up in more than a few of my nightmares. I, for one, won't be sorry to see him go.

Burger King is now launching new advertising that focuses more on their burgers instead of a character (go figure!)

Are there any commercials that creep you out? The 'E-trade' babies? The 'Beggin' Strips' dog? Comment below.


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