Loveland, Colorado's Budweiser Events Center has been home to thousands of local events in Northern Colorado for over two decades. Now that the naming rights for Budweiser have expired, the new Blue Arena has arrived. What else has changed?

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The Budweiser Events Center Is Now The Blue Arena

Courtesy of the Bud Events Center/ Blue Arena
Courtesy of the Bud Events Center/ Blue Arena
Courtesy of the Blue Arena
Courtesy of the Blue Arena

October is here and with it arrives a new era in Northern Colorado as our largest indoor arena has a brand new name and image. The arena, formally known as the Budweiser Events Center for its first two decades in existence, is now officially the Blue Arena as of October 1st.

If you've driven by the arena on I-25, you've noticed some awesome updates and changes to our favorite NoCo arena. The building was painted and brand new beautiful signs for the new Blue Arena have been hung. It honestly made me do a double take because I've driven by it so many times in the last 20 years.

What's New Inside Of The Blue Arena In Loveland, Colorado?

This, like most changes, will take some getting used to. Heck, I've typed out "BEC" in a couple of emails this morning alone that I had to change to Blue Arena. Dare we call it the BA? Doesn't quite have the same ring... But I am excited about all of the new changes, upgrades, and additions. From all-new seats, to complete suite overhauls, here's a quick peek inside the all-new Blue Arena in Loveland, Colorado.  (Some of these were taken before some final signage was added to the video board).

A Look Inside Northern Colorado's Blue Arena

Gallery Credit: Tanner Chambers

The Colorado Eagles kick off their season On Friday, October 20th, which will be the first time that many will get to experience the newly upgraded arena. I've not been into the arena since before the changes so I for one, cannot wait to see it for myself in the next couple of weeks. Get more information on the new Blue Arena HERE.

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