Imagine for a second that you're at soccer practice with your friends enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning. All of a sudden, you hear a couple of loud booms, and you stop for a second to look around and see nothing out of the ordinary. But then, you look up and see huge chunks of debris flying everywhere.

Well, according to KDVR, that's exactly what happened over the weekend when several soccer teams were interrupted by falling plane debris showering upon them from the Boeing 777's engine that blew up shortly after takeoff from Denver International Airport.

23-year coaching veteran, Heather Solar, is just coming off ACL surgery and couldn't move very well, even as she tried to dodge the pieces of metal and plastic raining from the sky. While on crutches, she told 9News that "she has never been more amazed by a group of players." She also jokingly added that she's never seen her players move so fast.

While there was no video recorded from the soccer fields, a local resident recorded what THEY saw from a nearby dog park. Just to give you an idea and a visual of what the destruction looked like:

YouTube/ 9News

There were 231 passengers on the United Airlines flight whose engine exploded on Saturday, along with 10 crew members. THANKFULLY, there were no injuries on Sunday, according to the Washington Post. United has grounded some Boeing 777 planes pending an FAA investigation.

Here's an incredible video taken by a passenger on that United flight #328 on Saturday...


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