TopGolf's attempt at a second location in Thornton was a swing and a miss.

Due to the popularity of their Centennial location, TopGolf was looking to expand their golf based entertainment to a second location at the corner of I-25 and 136th Avenue in Thornton. But just as they were about to tee it up, the city was hit with a couple of lawsuits from a resident who cried "FOUR" due to zoning issues, among other things. This past summer, a judge agreed with the complaint citing the city "failed to follow its own zoning laws" when it granted TopGolf a permit.

The good news is that TopGolf hasn't given up on its planned expansion. Thornton hasn't been entirely ruled out, but there could also be options in Westminster and Broomfield.

I visited a TopGolf in Las Vegas this past September. It was my first experience at this type of golf complex. I am a fan of the sport and love swinging a club during the summer at the various golf courses in Northern Colorado. It is expected that I would fall in love with this facility...and I did! But there were others in our group who don't play regularly or at all, and they loved it! It was more like bowling than golf. You focus on a target you'd like to hit, grab a club, hit the ball, and try to score points. It also lacks the etiquette you would expect on a golf course, like: wardrobe (you wear what you would going to a bar), and silence (there is music playing and folks talking and laughing). In other words, this game is for everyone no matter what your skill set is. They also have phenomenal food and beverage, and it's reasonably priced when you have a group.

So, if TopGolf is searching for a new site and new opportunities, I would love to see them set their sights a bit further north than Broomfield. I believe it would be a huge hit in Northern Colorado.


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