Football season is over, but you may still be working off some extra pounds — especially if you're a Denver Broncos fan.

According to a new study from, Broncos supporters have consumed around 13,860 extra calories over the last five football seasons, making fans of the orange and blue one of the top 10 biggest comfort eaters in the NFL.

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The website reports that Broncos fans also tend to eat nearly 10% more calories whenever the team loses, so feel free to blame Vic Fangio for any weight gain from last season. In the past five years, the Broncos have seen 58 losses.

However, fans' calorie intake decreases by about 5% every time the team wins — over the last five seasons, the Broncos won 39 times.

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Still, Broncos supporters aren't the worst comfort eaters of the NFL. We trail behind fans of the Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New York Jets (who are in first place with 20,340 calories consumed).

Fans who fair the best with food include supporters of the New England Patriots and the dreaded Kansas City Chiefs, who have jointly skipped out on nearly 6,000 calories over football seasons past.

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Why? I hate to say it, but those teams win more, so their fans eat less.

Try and watch what you eat this next football season — or cross your fingers and hope that Nathaniel Hackett pulls out some wins. But if you do need to eat your feelings,  check out the best Northern Colorado sports bars to hit up on game day in the gallery below.


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