Some bar owners in Colorado are refusing to carry Russian-made vodka. Check out the growing list of establishments getting on this bandwagon.

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Several States Have Banned the Sale of Russian-made Vodka

According to KRDO, at least 11 states have banned the sale of Russian-made Vodka in response to the current crisis. Some states refusing to sell the products include:

  • Utah
  • Ohio
  • New Hampshire
  • Oregon
  • North Carolina
  • West Virginia

You'll notice Colorado is nowhere on that list. Regardless, some Colorado bar owners and managers aren't waiting for the green light. They're initiating a policy as we speak.

Colorado Springs Leads The Way

According to KRDO, Joey Campana, owner of several establishments in downtown Colorado Springs including Supernova Downtown, the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie and Reed, Bonnie and Reed Sushi, Supernova West, Stir Coffee, and Shame and Regret, says he won't stock any Russian made products at his businesses. Campana said, "We definitely won’t be carrying any Russian vodka especially now."

Will This Be a Major Hit on Colorado Bars?

According to the Charlotte Observer, contrary to what many might think, only about 1.2% of imported vodka in the United States comes from Russia.

Examples of Russian Vodka You Might Find in a Colorado Bar

Here are a handful of popular Russian brands of Vodka:

  • Russian Standard
  • Beluga Noble
  • Zyr

If you're wondering why Smirnoff is not on the list, there's a very good reason. While Smirnoff sounds Russian, it's actually distilled in the United States.

I don't know about you, but personally, I've never ordered any of these brands. I'm cheap. I drink the Vodka that comes in a plastic bottle, usually found on the bottom shelf, if not the floor, and usually tastes like Aqua Net hairspray.

I'm going to make the rounds tonight and check out the Grand Junction, Colorado bars. Please keep in mind, this is purely in the name of research. That's the only reason I'll be going out to bars tonight and ordering Vodka 7's.

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