An iconic business and structure in Old Town, the Bohlender Funeral Chapel will be moving to an as-yet-determined location.

I think I've only been to one service at the Bohlender Funeral Chapel for a previous boss who was well-known and well-loved in the Fort Collins community. The chapel was at maximum capacity, it not more so, that sad day.

The small capacity is one of the reasons that the Bohlender's have decided that it's time for the business to move from the building that has had their name on it since 1960. Before the Bohelenders took over, the funeral chapel was owned and operated by Harold Warren.

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According to a mailer that I received from Re/Max Advanced, the building is not only too small but also needs modifications to be Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant; those renovations are cost-prohibitive. Put those two factors together and that makes it a pretty easy decision to just look for a new location for the heritage business.

The building, along with the parking area (about 32,0000 square feet), is on the market for $3.75 million. The property actually encompasses two addresses: 121 W. Olive Street and 120 W. Magnolia Street.

According to Re/Max Advanced, many have said that the spot is perfect to bring in a six-story apartment building along with a three-story parking garage.

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