Mads Mikkelsen plans to play the character of Grindelwald differently than Johnny Depp.

On Friday (Feb. 26), The Wall Street Journal published and interview with Mikkelsen spoke about how he will take over the role of Gellert Grindelwald for the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts film franchise.

“I don’t feel constrained at all. I think it would be creative suicide if I tried to copy what Johnny did," he admitted to the outlet, according to Just Jared. "It’s also very specific. He’s a wonderful actor that nobody can copy, so trying to would be insane. Obviously, I have to find my own path."

Mikkelsen previously spoke about how he was attempting to figure out how to portray the villainous character after Depp starred as Grindelwald in the first two films.

"Well, it's going to be me, so that's a difference," Mikkelsen previously told Entertainment Weekly of his new role. "This is the tricky part. We're still working it out. There has to be a bridge between what Johnny did and what I'm going to do. And at the same time, I also have to make it my own. But also we have to find a few links [to the previous version of the character] and some bridges so it doesn't completely detach from what he's already masterfully achieved."

Mikkelsen also shared that Depp's recent controversy has been a "shocker."

"I wish both of them the best," he added, referring to Depp and the actor's ex, Amber Heard, who accused him of abuse. "These are sad circumstances. I hope both of them will be back in the saddle again really soon."

Mikkelsen was cast as Grindelwald after Warner Brothers asked Depp to exit the upcoming film after Depp lost his libel case against The Sun. The outlet called him a "wife beater" in a 2018 article after his ex-wife Amber Heard alleged that he assaulted her during their marriage. Depp also accused Heard of domestic abuse, including severing his finger tip.

Returning Fantastic Beasts star Katherine Waterston, who portrays Porpentina Goldstein in the franchise, recently revealed that she surprisingly does not have any scenes with Mikkelsen in the upcoming third film and hopes to work with him in the future.

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