We had a special treat on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October stopped by 99.9 The Point and talked about the last 20 years of his life and the ups and downs of the bad. He also played a couple of acoustic songs for us.

This guy was such a cool dude to chat with and watch perform. You can see the acoustic version of "Hate Me" below.

We then talked about his new single "Fear," and the making of that video. Check out the acoustic version below.

The full interview is below and some questions that were not on the air.

Here is the video for "Fear," that we were talking about during the interview.

He also came with a gift that was really cool. He has authored a book titled "Crazy Making," which is his words and lyrics surround the music for Blue October.

Lil Joe, TSM
Lil Joe, TSM

Overall, this was such a great interview and l am really excited to see the path he continues on after changing his life around.

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