Father's Day should be about Dad getting to play and do whatever he wants to do for one day!  Mark your calendar for Sunday, June 19th as LET DAD PLAY day!  So, what are the Best Places To Take Dad on Father's Day in Fort Collins?  All Dads are unique, but with this many choices, you can help Dad enjoy the day.

JAX Outdoor Gear


JAX Outdoor Gear is my favorite Fort Collins store and I believe any Dad could spend several Father's Day hours exploring equipment for the athlete, fisherman, hunter, camper, chef, photographer, etc.  The newly remodeled  store has made leisure dreaming and shopping fun for the whole family.  It gets Dad dreaming!

Home Depot/Schmickels


Home Depot may not sound that exciting, but if you just let Dad wander around for awhile checking out drill bits, chainsaws, lumber, toll bags, etc., then wrap things up with a Wild Game Brat or hot dog from from the Schmickels Food Cart found at both Fort Collins locations, he'll have a blast on Father's Day!  FeastingFortCollins.com goes into greater detail about the tasty "Wild Game" brats at their website.

Father's Day 5k


The Father's Day 5K in Old Town Fort Collins is an active way to start the day.  You can register as a father/son or father/daughter team.  It's a family-oriented 5K to celebrate Father's Day! After the 5K, youth 12 and under can enjoy a Kids' Fun Run (either 1 mile or 1/2 mile).  AND after all of the races, participants get a popsicle!

Open Mic at Maya Cove


Open Mic at Maya Cove is a great idea if your Dad likes music, plays music or perhaps you have something you want to perform FOR Dad.  Starts @ 6pm. Scott Allen is a great host with an incredible array of talent both young and old.  Fort Collins is filled with amazing musical artists, why not be a part of the scene for Father's Day!

City Park 9 Golf Course


City Park 9 Golf Course is a great golf course for spending time with your Dad on Father’s Day. The Old Town Fort Collins feeling surges through as you play a course that is not remarkably challenging, unless you don’t hit it straight! The trees that line much of this track look like they’ve been around for more than a few Father’s Days.  Oh and a special highlight – the western view on hole 4, a long straight par 5 that feels like you are walking a green carpet to the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Also consider taking Dad to a baseball game, The Colorado Rockies play host to the Detroit Tigers with a start time of 1:10pm.  Dad will enjoy the drive from Fort Collins to enjoy conversation, then a good old-fashioned baseball game with spoiling in the form of hot dogs, beers and foam fingers!  And if your Dad loves MEAT, but doesn't like to grill, then take him to Rodizio Grill for what I will title for you "Father's Day Fort Collins Meatfest 2011!"  Rodizio is basically all you can eat amazingly cooked MEAT!  The drinks are amazing and the ladies in your family might enjoy the Gouchos who slice the meat for your table.

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