Father's Day is coming up! Sunday, June 17th to be exact. That gives us plenty of time to find the things "for the man who has everything". Dad's aren't as forthright about what it is that they want for a gift. That makes it a bit more challenging to find just the right things for him on his special day. And just because he makes it challenging, we like to find things that are unique and different but ultimately we know he will love.

Here are some ideas....


Oh yes they did! Crocs with socks! Alfie has teamed up with Croc to produce this wonderful worry free footwear. Dad can keep the sleek style of Croc's that he loves and not have to wonder where his socks are. Look at the sock! Snow white with red and blue stripes screams "STYLE" for Dad. They're only $140!

But wait! There's more!


Nike is always thinking ahead. They know that most Dad's like to compartmentalize everything, even while mobile. To heck with fashion! The fanny pack provides that extra space for Dad to bring the things he needs, plus the "just in case" items that could save a life. These Nike sandals not only provide footwear fashion, they also include yet more space for Dad to bring even more stuff. Don't think for a moment these will replace the fanny pack he already has. No, no. These will be additional. The price for these is unknown, but how can you put a price on convenience?

How about something for the home?


This is real! A1 has scented candles! There are few things that get Dad more aroused and otherwise excited than the smell of meat. This can now happen at all hours of the day with three different aroma's from A1. They have the meat scent (steak), the hamburger, and the bbq scent. How can anyone get tired of smelling steak or hamburger all day? I guess we'll find out. You can find these at a1meatscents.com.