Colorado is full of a multitude of places to call home, so much so that you may have a hard choice picking where to live.

According to a recent report by Forbes, there are 8 ideal places to live in Colorado based on a number of various factors.

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Which Direction to Go in Colorado?

North, South, East, or West, whichever direction you travel in Colorado, you'll find residents claiming that they live in the best part of Colorado.

Each region of Colorado is unique and may lead you to question how such a wide range of climates and terrains can be considered as just one state. Honestly, all 4 corners of Colorado are remarkable, and you're sure to find something that suits your fancy.

Colorado Boasts 8 Regions

Locals have their own names for Colorado's various regions such as:

However, to make things easier for tourists looking to visit Colorado, the state was officially broken down into 8 different regions in 2018 by the Colorado tourism office.

These are the 8 regions in Colorado:

  • The Great West,
  • Mountains & Mesas,
  • Rockies Playground,
  • Pikes Peak Wonders,
  • Mystic San Luis Valley,
  • Denver & Cities of the Rockies,
  • Pioneering Plains, and
  • Canyons & Plains

How Forbes Based Their Findings of the Best Places to Live in Colorado

Forbes had a big job at hand when deciding which cities in Colorado were the best places to live, so they based their findings on these key lifestyle factors:

  • the area’s median home price,
  • personal income per capita,
  • and the unemployment and crime rate

Just like Colorado's 8 regions, there were 8 cities that stood out among the rest.

Keep scrolling to find out which ones were ranked as the best of the best in Colorado. 

Forbes' 8 Best Places to Live in Colorado in 2022

Based on key lifestyle factors such as the area’s median home price, personal income per capita, and the unemployment and crime rate, these are the 8 best places to live in Colorado as ranked by Forbes:

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