Colorado is home to a plethora of stunning tourist attractions, but who hasn't already seen the Garden of the Gods or Rocky Mountain National Park?

Okay, maybe you haven't, and if that's true, then you should check them out — they're gorgeous. Still, sometimes it's better to visit places off the beaten path. But where are these places?

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Stacker might have the answer. The website recently compiled a list of must-visit hidden gems in the U.S. — and Colorado made the cut.

According to Stacker, the best hidden gem in Colorado is Bishop Castle. Surrounded by the San Isabel National Forest in Rye, the attraction boasts stone towers, iron bridges, and a fire-breathing dragon.

Intricate Explorer // Unsplash
Intricate Explorer // Unsplash

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Yes, you read that right. On the roof of the Bishop Castle's Grand Ballroom sits a gigantic, fire-breathing dragon statue, which the landmark's builder, Jim Bishop, created out of scrap metal and a hot air balloon burner in the 1980s.

Bishop Castle // Facebook
Bishop Castle // Facebook

The Bishop Castle website notes that Bishop, who turned 79 in February, started constructing the attraction from the ground up in 1959 — so it's not only an impressive sight, but also an incredible piece of Colorado history.

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Bishop Castle is open year-round and is free to visit. It's around four hours away from Northern Colorado, so make sure to put this hidden gem on your travel bucket list.

Check out more Colorado hidden gems in the gallery below.

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