Podcasts aren't JUST disembodied voices you listen to in traffic. They're real people, and some of them get so popular that they decide to tour like rock bands around the country.

This is the case for My Favorite Murder, a podcast that has become so popular that hosts Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff have already embarked on multiple tours, including overseas-- and now, they're heading to Denver on April 6.

The live episodes of My Favorite Murder live alongside their pre-recorded sessions usually recorded at Hardstark's California apartment, and before each show, the duo records a 'minisode'. In these shorter episodes, they cover hometown murders from folks who live in the city they're travelling to.

So, what hometown murders will you send in? Maybe the unsolved mystery of Peggy Hettrick? How about the crazy Spiderman murder in Denver? By the way, we wouldn't mind hearing your crazy stories, too...

If you're a Colorado murderino and you want tickets, head here to buy. Stay sexy-- and don't get murdered!

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