*This story might feature disturbing details for some.

In 1987, Peggy Hettrick was a 37-year-old redhead who worked for a local ladies specialty store in Fort Collins, Colorado. She had spend the night of February 10th reconnecting with an ex at a local bar, and in a normal scenario she might've gone home, gone to bed, and started again the next day.

Unfortunately, that's not what happened.

On February 11, 1987, Hettrick's body was found in an open field. She had been stabbed once in the back and had been sexually mutilated. The grass was stained with blood, leading investigators to believe that she had been dragged from another location, perhaps a car parked by the road. According to The Coloradoan in a recap of the case by reporter Erin Udell, "Her purse still hung from her shoulder. Her jewelry was all in place, a wide gold bracelet around her wrist, her nails perfectly manicured with pink polish." The witnesses who discovered her body noted that she looked like a mannequin that had been discarded. Overall, it was a terrible scene to behold, and the murder is one that continues to stay with Fort Collins residents even to this day.

It's no surprise that, even nearly 30 years later, other people are talking about the gruesome cold case, too.

My Favorite Murder is a podcast that gained popularity in 2016 when two women based out of California, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, decided to partner on a project focusing on one of their dual passions: true crime.

The podcast is updated weekly with episodes that stretch over an hour and feature the pair discussing life, cats, comedy, and of course, their favorite murders of that week. It's a podcast I've personally loved for years based on their approach to true crime. It's comedy-based, led by two badass women discussing gruesome cases from all over the world-- what could be more interesting than that?

On December 7th, 2017 they published an episode where they discussed two separate crimes: the murderer Marcel Petiot and the unsolved murder of Peggy Hettrick.

I was shocked to hear 'Fort Collins, Colorado' over my car's speakers, and even more surprised when I listened to the full episode. Here is a case that stretched out over the expanse of years, put an innocent man behind bars, and happened in our very own backyard-- and not only that, it's still unsolved.

My Favorite Murder has officially been around for two years now, and I'll keep listening for other Fort Collins cases that may score their way onto the airwaves in years to come. One great thing about this: along with new technology and evidence that may surface, having a national program cover an unsolved case like this may be one step closer to getting it solved, and providing closure for the tragic story of Peggy Hettrick.

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