Home goods store, Bed Bath & Beyond, has announced the closures of dozens of new locations on January 31, 2023. The retail company is on the brink of bankruptcy according to USA Today.

Home Goods Chain Bed Bath & Beyond To Close 60 Stores
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Bed Bath & Beyond announced the closure of 62 stores nationwide in September 2022 and only one Colorado location in Pueblo made the list of closing Bed Bath & Beyond stores. The latest round of closures announces two Colorado locations will close.

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Bed Bath & Beyond Stores Closing in Colorado

The two Colorado locations affected by the closures include Loveland and Thornton. The Loveland location is at 1605 Fall River Drive. The Thornton location is at 16531 Washington Street.

Bed Bath and Beyond stores appear to be closing the majority of its stores in Florida and California with a total of 12 locations in each state since the closures have been announced. USA Today states that Bed Bath and Beyond saw a net sales drop of 33 percent in the third quarter.

This is not the last of the closures for Bed Bath and Beyond as the plan is to close a total of 150  of the lowest-performing stores in the nation. With the looming news of the closures of even more stores, could we see the exit of Bed Bath and Beyond forever in Northern Colorado? We can only sit and wait to see which stores are announced to be closed next.

Source: USA Today

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