About 50 ducks and geese have been reported dead this month in the Denver metro area due to a harmful bacteria infection.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife press release said necropsies revealed the waterfowl died due to Riemerella anatipestifer, also known as “new duck disease.” The disease primarily affects waterfowl but can also impact other birds.

All of the dead birds examined tested negative for avian influenza viruses and Newcastle disease.

The Denver metro area is home to large populations of Canadian Geese year-round. During winter months, migratory flocks of geese make temporary residence in Colorado.

If the public observes dead waterfowl, you can report it to the local park/managing entity for removal.  Do not make contact with dead or sick waterfowl and do not allow your pets to have interactions with them.     

Questions or concerns can be directed to the CPW Northeast region service center at 303-291-7227.

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