Geese are notorious for leaving unexpected 'gifts' in parks and lawn areas. Denver's City Park has a bad case of that this year so they adapted what is dubbed the Goosinator.

pretendtious via Flickr
pretendtious via Flickr

Denver was receiving continuous complaints about the geese 'droppings' from patrons that frequent City Park and came up with a clever solution to the issue. The Goosinator.

The Goosinator is a remote controlled apparatus that scares the geese. The Goosinator can be driven on land and water so it can keep the geese away from the area all together. When the geese realize what the Goosinator is it will be parked in order to scare the birds and keep them from coming back.

This was also adopted to the park not only because the nuisence of the droppings but also because the fecies can be hazardous to animals and children who visit the park.

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