The best restaurants in Colorado achieve that by having great atmosphere, great service and most of all, great food.

These four restaurants have chefs that have been noted as being "the best."

Now, not many people across Colorado would recognize the names of these chefs, but we may want to take note of where their food can be found. This way when it's time for something special, you can say, "Let's hit _____ they have a great chef."


Since 2018, according to 9News, the Colorado Restaurant Association has been naming their "Chefs of the Year," as part of their Industry Spotlight Awards. For 2023, they have four that are putting delicious meals out there, in a variety of scenarios.

Where Can You Find the Four Best Chefs in Colorado?

  • Chef: Jenna McNeil
Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar in Glendale
Facebook/Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar (Glendale, Co

If seafood is your passion, Jax has always been a "go-to" in Colorado. Chef McNeil is a true Coloradan who knows her seafood.

  • Chef: Nicholas Winden
The Laundry Kitchen in Steamboat Springs
Google Maps

I have personally eaten at The Laundry. The place is small, like it's small plates menu, but very, very, good.

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  • COPERTA (Denver)
  • Chef: Kenneth Minton
Coperta Restaurant in Denver

Whether it be for a delicious Italian dinner or a fantastic brunch, Chef Minton is bring it to the heart of Denver at Coperta. Take note, each check will have a 23% "service charge" added, in lieu of a tip.

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  • Chef: Greg Weadick, Facebook/Monarch Casino Blackhawk, Facebook/Monarch Casino Blackhawk

Steaks, chops, seafood: If you're going to have a great meal while staying in, or just visiting, Blackhawk, Chef Weadick makes sure that it's no gamble.

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