In Colorado Italian restaurants news, a small chain that got its start in Longmont in 2003, now sees its founder dealing with charges.

The American Dream can be hard to come by; even harder to maintain, many will attest to. This small chain of Italian eateries has a name that screams, "Italy;" hopefully, we won't see them disappear.

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Many Coloradans love a great Italian meal; Italian meals can be so comforting. That's why when you hear about the founder of what could be a major-player in the industry being arrested, you worry.

What Colorado Italian Chain's Founder was Arrested?

According to the Greeley Tribune, the woman who founded Pinocchio's was arrested in in early February of 2023, 20 years after she started Pinocchio's in Longmont.

What Were the Charges in the Arrest?

The charges stem from Pinocchio's founder, Amy Vick, getting over 20 investors for the business, but allegedly embezzling those funds to the amount of $3 million.

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There Have Been Several Pinocchio's Across Northern Colorado

Since the first Pinocchio's opening in Longmont in 2003, more than a few have opened in the area, at one time six were open in Niwot, Brighton, Loveland, Frederick, Greeley, and Fort Collins.

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The Fort Collins location closed in 2022; the Loveland location was open, but has temporarily closed its doors to diners.

 Pinocchio's Founder Responds to the Charges on Facebook

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