Some of you might know that I spent nearly seven years in the state of Florida. A big majority of that time was in Jacksonville, a city that is projected to be in the direct path of hurricane Matthew.

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

After spending nearly four years there, I created some great relationships, my mother, sister and niece moved down there from South Carolina to be closer to my wife and I after my Father died. They are still there and they will be there for the storm. I am worried for them and my other friends that live in the community where we used to reside. Given, they are over 9 miles from the coast, I am still concerned for their safety.

The last hurricane that hit Jacksonville was Dora back in 1964. Some say that Jacksonville was overdue for a hurricane... Statements like that have now come true with Matthew. With the storm now intensifying up to a category 4 hurricane this becomes a larger hurricane than Dora. In an article in, Mayor Lenny Curry has ordered the evacuation of more than 450,000 people as the storm has been called a "100 year storm".

“I am being very clear,” Curry said. “If you are in Zone A or B, call it what you want, this is a direct order,” Curry said. “… Your life is in danger.” the mayor said in the article. “We have not seen the likes of this in our lifetime in Jacksonville,” Curry said at the 11:30 a.m. hurricane update.

Additionally, in the same article, Angie Enyedi, an official from the Nation Weather Service said “This will be the storm that we, our generation, talks about, as well as our children”

I took to Facebook to ask some of my friend who live in Jacksonville to send me some photos of their preparation of the storm, grocery store photos, etc and this is what I have gotten so far:


I always wanted to have a hurricane party when I was down there, but nothing along the lines of this magnitude.

To my mom, sister, niece, Gretchen, Bryan, Mark and your family, and everyone else in Florida please stay safe. Our thoughts are with you. Please be safe and prepared for what is about to come your way.



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