Another Colorado business bites the dust as we bid farewell to this once-popular locally owned and run business. The owners blame "corporate greed" as their reason.

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Local Colorado Business Closed Down For Good Due To "Corporate Greed."


Sadly in recent years, we've said goodbye to so many awesome local "mom-and-pop shops" around Colorado, it's always a bummer to watch them slowly close down and fade away in and around our local neighborhoods.

There are many of these shops flat out being replaced by online or big box stores opening in the area because these new stores make it near impossible to compete with price point-wise. Is corporate greed taking over our small communities? This owner seems to think so...

Three Rivers Wine & Spirits In Longmont, Colorado, Closed Permemnemtly

Google Street View
Google Street View

Located on Ken Pratt Blvd (Highway 119) just west of Main Street in Longmont, Colorado, Three Rivers Wines & Spirits abruptly closed its doors for good in January. The reason they gave? "Corporate greed." Not just plastered on their window like in the above picture, but it's also referenced in a post on its Facebook page, which said:

Corporate greed has won again. The lobbyists have paid our politicians, transplants have voted to make our state like their old ones and Colorado now steps in line to destroy independent small businesses in favor of the grocery store chains and price club retailers. We're done folks. Going out of business.
The "price club" they're likely referring to is the brand-new Costco that opened about 5 minutes east of the now-former Three Rivers location. Not to mention the other local liquor stores in the area that are all competing for the same business they were.
It's certainly becoming increasingly harder and harder for local mom-and-pop businesses to stay afloat in 2024, so unless we want to see this trend continue until there aren't any left, shop local as often as it makes sense for you. Speaking of closures...

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