Ready to add a new family member? These Coloradans might be transplants, but they're adorable all the same.

This weekend at the Fort Collins Petco, you'll meet several adorable dogs who have had rough pasts in other parts of the country. This includes Heather, a staffie mix who has experienced abandonment at the hands of her owners. According to All Aboard Animal Rescue, "Heather did have a family at one point. After being found as a stray the shelter and animal control tried continuously to contact her previous owner. They got no response."

The group also includes Gigi, who was found by animal control living in horrible conditions; she and her puppies were found in crates filled with feces.

No, these stories aren't great to hear, but these dogs have been taken away from their horrible pasts and are ready to start fresh. If you want to be the one to give them a new life, head to the Fort Collins Petco tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

To learn more about All Aboard Animal Rescue, click here.

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