Loveland Police are working to solve a theft with the help of...a lawnmower.

However, this isn't just any ordinary lawnmower. The yard tool, named Cemey, is an autonomous lawnmower with a built-in GPS.

Thieves stole Cemey, along with other items, from Daley Schwery of Aspen Landscape Management, according to 9News.

Schwery wasn't too discouraged about his stolen property, however, because he knew his robotic lawnmower could be located almost immediately.

The lawnmower mows around the clock at Lakeside Cemetery in Loveland, alerting Schwery to its whereabouts through the GPS.

The tracker led police to a storage unit a few miles away from the cemetery where the lawnmower was being kept. Schwery then sent out a sonar signal, causing Cemey to beep. The noises were enough to get police a search warrant.

The investigation is still ongoing, but Loveland Police believe they've located most of the items that were stolen along with the lawnmower.

Cemey also left location pins at every stop the thieves made on their way to the storage unit, giving police hope that they will catch the suspects.

As for Schewery, he's happy to have Cemey back where he belongs: "He's back doing what he's supposed to be doing...he's right back at work again."

Looks like it's time for us uncool-regular-lawnmower-owners to step up our game.

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