If you've driven through Loveland recently, you'll have noticed that there's a 'new' view in town. But it won't last, as construction will soon block the view again.

I was headed northbound on Highway 287 in Loveland and stopped at the light at 29th Street. I thought, 'Something's different.' Then I realized I could see the mountains while looking west.

For decades, there's been a gas station at Buchanan (Highway 287) at 29th Street. When I was a kid, it was a CO-OP fuel station; that was a long time ago. For probably 20 years, it has been a SHELL station.

Regardless, the building and the trees on the property and the property to the north (where a bank used to be) have blocked the view of the mountains ( or foothills, if you want to be specific) west of town.

Google Maps
Google Maps
View of Mountains in Loveland
Dave Jensen, TSM

Now, construction has begun at the corner on a new 7-11 'superstore' that's on its way in September of 2021, which will have a Laredo Taco restaurant attached to it. Laredo Taco serves traditional Tex-Mex fare; you may have seen them in other 7-11's across the country. I know that I had not heard of them until the news of this one's coming to Loveland.

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This 'blocked view' story reminds me of when they put in that little strip mall directly to the west of Bonefish Grill in the Johnstown Plaza. I had called Bonefish to inquire if they knew of any of the tenants that were coming, and the manager said,

You mean that building that's now blocking the beautiful view that we've had for years?'

You can get more on the new 7-11 and Laredo Taco from the Reporter-Herald HERE.

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