Hiking is something that Colorado is famous for. Until today, I had no idea that this particular Colorado city was ranked in the Top 5 to hike in. It may surprise you as well.

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Colorado City Ranked A Top 5 Best Place To Hike In

If you're in Northern Colorado, hiking is likely something you enjoy participating in, or at the very least, you've done it once or twice. I remember when I first started working for Townsquare my boss sent out an email inviting the whole staff to leave work early and join in on a staff retreat to do a quick hike up near Horsetooth. That kind of thing alone would lead me to believe that the best place to hike would be right here in Northern Colorado. It has to be Fort Collins, right? If you said yes, you're wrong just like I was.

National Trails Day is on June 4th so our friends at LawnStarter set out on a mission to find the best places to hike in the entire country. They based the rankings on "13 hiker-friendly factors, ranging from hiking access and quality to trail difficulty to natural hazards index." It wasn't a surprise that a Colorado city was on the list, but I wasn't aware this particular city was so well known for hiking.


Coming in at number 4, with a 67.01 score is Colorado Springs, Colorado. Fort Collins is on the list, but way down at number 56 with a 47.25 score. I honestly thought those two would be flipped but I've pretty only driven through Colorado Springs and I've never really explored it so hiking could be amazing there. Phoenix, Tucson, and Portland Oregon were ranked as the Top 3 on LawnStarters rankings.

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