As I continue to reintroduce myself to Northern Colorado with my 9 things about me list, today I’ll be answering a question that I get a lot! “What else do you do besides radio for work?” Easiest answer? A LOT! Pulling back my curtain a bit more for #7 today!

Although I’ve done radio for almost 20 years, I’ve been a Sports Announcer for the last 11. If you’ve been to a Colorado Eagles Game at the Budweiser Events Center before, you had probably seen me in the stands or on the ice as their In-Arena Host. My former Boss, Chris Kelly, was the In-Arena host before me but when he relocated to Tucson years back, the Eagles asked if I’d be interested in giving it a shot! The first question I asked, true story, was “do I have to wear a suit like Chris Did?” I know, what was my problem?!  Luckily the team agreed that having me look more like a fan and not a “suit” was a much better fit for my vibe. 10 years later, it was time for a change and now my pal AJ is keeping the tradition alive, entertaining Eagles Country at all home Eagles games so show him some love!

Years back I was given the chance to replace Legendary Colorado Mammoth Public Address Announcer, and friend, Willie B, at the then Pepsi Center. A friend of mine, who used to work for the Eagles, had me audition for the gig. It was a cold November night, and I had to do live PA reads in an empty Pepsi Center! Now THAT was intimidating! I feel like I did a pretty good job though because after being told they’d decide in a couple of weeks, they offered me the job the very next day. I was blown away! Getting to “perform” in a sense, in a building where so many sports and entertainment legends have performed, is something else! I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d ever get to do that but as I’ve learned many times in my now entertainment journey, NEVER SAY NEVER!

Outside of sports announcing, I’m constantly doing side gigs like hosting community events etc. so yes, to answer that commonly asked question, I do way more than work in radio. I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me a bit more, or just relearn things I’ve told you before as I settle in at my new radio home on 99.9 The Point! If you missed  number 9 or number 8, make sure to catch up! What side hustles do you do?

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