BREAKING UPDATE: According to Denver7, the body of the child found in the pond has been identified as David Puckett. 

While Puckett was known to wander from home, the nature of the case is still under investigation so that Aurora Police can fully determine the circumstances surrounding Puckett's death.

After being missing from his family since Saturday night, David Puckett, a 6-year-old boy from Aurora, has been on everyone's mind this New Year's weekend.


On early Tuesday morning, it was reported that the body of a child was found in a pond near Puckett's home.

Authorities have not been able to confirm the identification of the body found in the pond, but all signs point to the recovery of the six-year-old.

Aurora Police have told the family of the findings, and they will keep the public updated throughout the day.

Please keep checking here for more updates as we receive them.

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