When you're living in one area for any length or period of time, you tend to find your "go-to" places for everything.

When I first moved to Colorado, I lived in Greeley. Over the span of a year, I familiarized myself with the city and found my own "go-to" spots - restaurants, supermarkets, liquor stores, gas stations, the list goes on.

I recently moved out of my Greeley apartment and into a new place in Fort Collins; while I'm absolutely loving my new digs, I haven't forgotten that I now need to find some new "go-to" spots (unless I want to drive 40-45 minutes back to Greeley all the time, which is simply not going to happen on a recurring basis).

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While I have spent a decent amount of time in Fort Collins over the last year, I never saw a need to go out of my way to find certain businesses that I had already found in Greeley ... until now.

I'm sure I'll be looking for more "go-to" suggestions in the near future, but for now, here are five things I need to find in Fort Collins now that I'm no longer living in Greeley:

5 Things I Need To Find Now That I'm No Longer Living In Greeley

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