These would get the Michelin star of gas station bathrooms... if that were a thing. 

Joseph Briggs/ThinkStock

While dudes can stop just about anywhere, there's just a bit more contact for us ladies when it comes to taking care of business, and cleanliness does matter.

I remember back in college, my then-boyfriend and I took a road trip to the Oregon coast, and somewhere off the 101 I found myself in near tears as I faced the 'monthly' in a sketchy truck stop where the attendant has to give you a key, and there's just like, a dude standing outside the door the whole time, God knows what on the floor, one square of TP and no hand soap.

I thought, 'This is it. This is where I contract the disease that will kill me.'

Alas, a solution. Let this never happen to you. GasBuddy has a guide to the best gas station bathrooms by state, based on over a million reviews on gas stations, which is pretty rad.


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Don't let the name fool ya, Colorado. If you've gotta go, look for a Kum & Go (also great for finding love in our state...).