For the past few months, I've been thinking about making a change to my routine. All of the restrictions and habits of lockdown times— you know, staying inside, ordering takeout— have made staying at home the total norm for me, and when I do that...I don't work out.

My boyfriend loves a good gym session, and after hearing about his endorphin rushes after a great workout, it made me realize I need to find a gym here, soon.

Of course, there are great low-cost options like The Northside Aztlan Center or the Mulberry Pool, but if you're like me and you want a step up, check out the list below of the 5 top-rated gyms in the Fort Collins area in 2021.

Just a quick note: I found all of these gyms on, and therefore included one of their highest reviews in the description of the photo. There's no one better to sing the praises of a Fort Collins gym than its lovely patrons, right? These are the people who go in every day, get their sweat on, and know what the facility is like.

Check out the kind words about the saunas, the weight rooms, the yoga classes and more at these great FoCo locations below. Please note: the photos included in the gallery are not photos from the actual facilities listed. 

Best Gyms in Fort Collins

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