For a season that started off with excitement that has only continued to grow exponentially as games have gone on, CSU men's basketball themselves in a position to turn things around in the final stretch.

Kicking off the 2021-22 season, the Rams were predicted to finish first in the Mountain West. Now, coming off of an electric Border War win last night - taking down the Cowboys 61-55 - and facing the last two games of the regular season, CSU has a chance to complete that initial prediction.

While CSU finishing first in the Mountain West is, unfortunately, also contingent on Wyoming dropping another game and Boise State dropping two more, the Rams can at least get it done on their end. Definitively.

Three Unstoppable Things That CSU Executes, Unquestionably

One: defensive prowess.

This is something the Rams have toted all season, and it's shown to be the biggest difference-maker in evenly-matched games. Last night against Wyoming it was as prevalent as ever. In CSU's nail-biting Orange Out against SDSU, it was - plain and simple - the game-deciding factor.

As he always has been, Kendle Moore is a pest on defense in the absolute best way. Just about every time I watch a game, at least once I'll comment on how annoying it would be to be guarded by him.

Both Moore and Chandler Jacobs do a fantastic job at forcing bad court positioning, bad passes, bad shots, or simply no shot at all.

Additionally, I truly believe James Moors doesn't get nearly enough of the recognition he deserves for how much he has stepped up defensively.

Strength and size-wise, Moors matches just about anyone under the net - and has been the make-or-break, especially in the final seconds of the San Diego State game.

Second, you guessed it, David Roddy.

The talk of the town, the "Man in the Arena", and - chances are - a future NBA player regularly tearing up the court in Fort Collins.

Defensively, Roddy's reads on different offenses just keep getting better. Offensively, as the season has gone on, his shot selection has only improved and he continues to make a way even when there shouldn't be one.

I could say more, but let's be honest: you know exactly what makes David Roddy, David Roddy.

And third, the mentality of this Rams team is unmatched.

There's a reason the Rams have sold out the last four consecutive games, and the fifth on its way as Boise State is already sold out over a week ahead. There's a reason the national attention Colorado State has been getting is well-deserved beyond just talent warranting the attention.

The entire staff - coaches and players - know exactly what they have at stake every time they take the court. They continue to perform at a level that definitely makes it easy to root for them, but it's the fact that humility remains after each and every success.

If you haven't bought into CSU basketball, you're going to want to for the years to come.

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