If you've been a longtime Fort Collins resident, you likely know a decent amount about the town.

For example, you know that Silver Grill has delicious cinnamon rolls. Or that 'buffalo' is a swear word here. Or that it's completely normal for CSU students to run around in their underwear every May.

But do you know Fort Collins well enough to put your knowledge to a Jeopardy-level test?

Let's find out by going over these three Fort Collins-related questions that have actually appeared on Jeopardy throughout the years (the answers are at the bottom of this article...no cheating).

*cue theme song*

Question #1 (aired April 15, 2004):

A CDC laboratory in this state's city of Fort Collins is the USA's frontline against the plague (THE PLAGUE, $600).

Question #2 (aired February 17, 2012): 

Happy Heart Farm in Fort Collins (STATE FARM, $400).

Question #3 (aired on November 20, 2013):

Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado partly inspired this original area of Disneyland (INSPIRATION, $800).

On top of these questions, 10 people from the Fort Collins area have appeared on the popular trivia show. You can find other times that Northern Colorado was mentioned on Jeopardy by visiting the show's archive.

And now, the time has finally come for you to see just how much you know about Fort Collins...

Super Secret Jeopardy Answers: 

  1. What is Colorado?
  2. What is Colorado?
  3. What is Mainstreet, U.S.A?

If you got those right, maybe you should think about becoming the 11th Fort Collins resident on Jeopardy.


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