There is a new album on the way from multi-platinum rockers 3 Doors Down.  The album is called Time of My Life and will hit stores later this year on July 16. 

3 Doors Down

This will be the first 3DD album since their self-titled 2008 release.

The band seems to be pretty excited about their new record, according to Billboard,

"The Mississippi quintet, best known for modern-rock hits such as "Kryptonite," "Be Like That" and "Here Without You," is already climbing the chart with the album's first single, "When You're Young," which clocks in at No. 25 on the Rock Songs chart this week."

"That's one of the slower songs on the album. There's a lot of rockers on there too," he says. "It's really diverse. We arranged (the album) to where it kind of takes you on a ride. I'm just looking forward to people listening to the record as a body of work rather than just tracks."

In case you didn't know, the band has a big heart for charity  and actually started an organization named after their debut album, The Better LifeThe Better Life Foundation is a charity with the goal of giving  as many children as possible a 'better life'.