Police are investigating accusations of a 2nd grade teacher taping her students' mouths shut after they wouldn't keep quiet.

The incident occurred Thursday at Fulton Academy, an Aurora charter school. While the teacher is on paid leave, police are investigating the incident which reportedly happened to all 28 students in the class.

One parent,Tenisha Bynes said, "My daughter's been in the house crying, begging me not to send her back to school. [She] said that she'll do good in home school and she promises. She doesn't want to go back to a public school."

And according to one of the students, "When she put it on, it was like, OK, and then, like, it started to hurt my mouth right here. It's also hard for me to breathe with the tape, too."

The Aurora School District has issued a statement saying that they are taking this incident seriously and will take on their own investigation.



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