It's the most wonderful time of the year...the time where we're celebrating one Fort Collins brewery every day in December! Welcome to the 25 Beers of Christmas.

We've got an award winner on our hands with today's 25 Beers pick...Clearwater Kolsch, a small-batch easy drinking brew that won a 2019 Gold Medal North American Beer Award. Wow.

C.B. & Potts

In a press release, Dave Leonard, Director of Beer for Potts said,

Our Clearwater Kolsch is a hybrid beer, fermented warmer at ale temperature then cold-conditioned like a lager. The result is a light, easy-to-drink, thirst-quenching lager-like ale.

The beer is available in 12oz cans at the C.B. & Potts locations around Fort Collins, and you can also grab a can for $4 while you sit back and watch the Broncos at their taproom.

Learn more about Clearwater Kolsch and C.B. & Potts right here...and tell us in the comments, who do you hope we feature next?