The 15 year old that has been charged with killing Kiaya Campbell could be charged as an adult.

Credit: Thornton Police Department
Credit: Thornton Police Department

According to the Coloradoan, Adams County District Attorney, Dave Young, says he intends to prosecute the 15 year old as an adult. The teenage boy has been charged with first degree murder with intent to kill after deliberation. He is also being charged with first degree murder of a child under 12 be someone in a position of trust.


Personally, I think he should be tried as an adult. 15 is an age where you certainly know right from wrong. At that age, you are less than a year away from driving a car daily. Less than three full years from becoming an adult that can enlist to fight in our military. 15 is an age where you know what is right and what is not. Considering the charges of the crimes, it seems this was not an accidental death.


Source: Coloradoan 

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