The 10 year old Thornton girl who went missing on Wednesday night during a storm was the cause for an Amber Alert, which was later called off after a body was found on Thursday night, about a mile from her home.

Credit: Thornton Police Department
Credit: Thornton Police Department

Late Saturday night, Thornton Police made an arrest in the death of Kiaya Campbell. A 15 year old boy has been arrested for investigation of first degree murder according to an article from Thornton Police have not said if it was the suspect is the father's girlfriend's son.

No cause of death has been released as of yet. However, the coroner did state that the cause of death was "other than accidental". The 15 year old faces first degree murder charges and is currently being held at Adams County Juvenile Detention Facility.

Kiaya' mother has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the costs of her daughter's funeral arrangements, which can be seen HERE.


Source: KDVR




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