The $147,819 tab of student meal debt in the Greeley-Evans School District has been completely erased.

Some generous donors have stepped up to cover the costs, according to the Greeley Tribune.

About $40,000 was raised at a golf tournament for subcontractors building the new Greeley West High School and Country Club. The rest of the more than $100,000 was collected from previous donations generously given over the past several months.

Nothing breaks my heart more than a child that's hurting. Whether it's physically, mentally or ANYTHING really...but the one that truly gets to me is when a child is hurting because he or she is hungry and when it comes to not having the money to pay for meals at school.

It can put them in a very uncomfortable situation and one that let's face it, shouldn't be happening. Too many kids are facing these issues every day and thanks to some incredible people in Greeley, students (and parents) in the Greeley/Evans District 6 no longer have to worry about that.

Feel good stories are always great to see and it just seems to feel extra good when that story involves our local communities coming together to help kids and families just like this. Well done Greeley and all involved.

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