10 Flashback Photos of Fort Collins in the Past: From the existing buildings we recognize, like the Northern Hotel and the original post office (though neither is a hotel nor post office anymore, respectively), to the things that are long gone, like a N. College Avenue roundabout and trolley cars (Can we bring back?). Underwater ghost town included, here's a blast from Fort Collins' past, from a downtown neighborhood so charming, even Disneyland took note

Linden Street and Mountain Avenue, 1890s:

College Avenue and Laporte Avenue, 1900s:

College Avenue and Mountain Avenue, 1937:

Mountain Avenue and Linden Street, 1950:

College Avenue, 1928:

Northern Hotel, 1932:

Old Fort Collins Post Office, 1913:

College Avenue, 1970s:

Downtown Fort Collins, 2020, during the COVID-19 shutdown: 

Downtown Fort Collins, 1950:

Bonus: Stout, 1880s (Scroll to see it now.)

Now: Horsetooth Reservoir

Fort Collins' neighboring ghost town of Stout is now underwater, but there's still a sign that reads 'Population: 47 1/2.'

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Old Town Fort Collins: Ten Years Ago, and Now

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