Whether you're into the classics, are a contemporary country fan or have 'Bieber Fever' (Do people still say that?), there are nods to Colorado in dozens of songs. What can we say? We're Mile High muses. Here are ten songs for your Colorado-inspired playlist.

In the meantime, do you consider yourself a music buff? How about a Colorado enthusiast? Well, then, get ready to flex both of those muscles with the below trivia and maybe discover some new songs along the way.

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  1. One of these songs has a Colorado music video and was filmed in a mountain town bar.
  2. One was written while a famous rocker mowed his lawn.
  3. One is now officially Colorado's second state song...
  4. ...the first being a song from 1911 called 'Where the Columbines Grow,' which is not on this list.
  5. Two songs on this list are by Coloradans.
  6. Classic country artists from Emmylou Harris to Merle Haggard to Johnny Cash and Tim McGraw all have Colorado-inspired songs, too.
  7. A lot of these people just really love weed.

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