Scammers Pose As Xcel Energy Reps Demanding Cash
News you can use!  Don't fall to victim to the scammers claiming to be Xcel Energy!
These scammers have a caller ID setup to look like a real Xcel Energy phone number.  So here's how it works:

Someone will call you claiming they are a Rep from Xcel Energy, claiming you have a late bill
They will tell y…
Man Walks Into Starbucks, Throws Money in the Air [VIDEO]
Local Starbucks customers in Boston got the surprise of their life on St. Patrick's Day, when an unidentified man walked into the famous coffee hot spot and reportedly threw a huge chunk of money in the air.
"A gentleman walked in and yelled three times, 'I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich!' ... and t…
Brand New Monopoly
It is a sign of the times for everything to go digital. "Monopoly" is following that trend, again. "Monopoly" tried to remain cool with removing paper money in exchange for a credit card that keeps track of all of your money. Now, they took it a step further...