Gallup Poll – Three Colorado Cities in Top 5 for Exercise
Northern Colorado is dominating yet another Gallup pole that reflects a positive and healthy lifestyle.
Gallup and Sharecare Research put together a study to determine which cities engage in exercise more than others. They found that on a national level, more people are breaking a sweat and improving…
Rare Badger Spotted on CU-Boulder’s Campus
On August 2, Facilities Management at CU-Boulder tweeted out to students and faculty, warning them not to badger the wild animal that had been spotted hanging out on campus earlier in the week.
That's because it was an actual badger, which are not only rare to see in urban ar…
It’s Tube To Work Day In This Colorado Town [Video]
This leaves one with some questions, like:
-Are there guides to help first-timers?
-Do workplace destinations customarily have changing rooms?
-How does the transition from tuber to professional go over once you arrive at work, i...

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