Whether you're shopping on Small Business Saturday or any day of the year, I'd recommend checking out these small businesses in Colorado.

None of them are paying me to give them praise - I just really love them and I think you should, too! Below are some of my favorite stores/businesses in Colorado.

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    Ohana Salon in Fort Collins

    This is a small business that I believe every woman should get behind. I've been getting my hair done by Brittany at Ohana for a little over 3 years and she always does a fantastic job; I know all the stylists there LOVE what they do, and I've seen so many great cuts and colors done by them, as well! But aside from hairstyling, the salon also has their own line of shampoos and conditioners that are pretty amazing (and also don't break the bank).

    @famerobot/Mollie Kendrick via Snapchat
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    Voodoo Comedy Playhouse in Denver

    If you ever find yourself in Denver on any given night and are looking for top of the line entertainment for as little as $5-7 (some shows are free), go to Voodoo. They have several improv and stand up shows going on pretty much every night of the week and it's a really great atmosphere as far as bars and lounges go. I've also been taking weekly improv classes there and would HIGHLY recommend you take your classes at Voodoo, too!

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    Curiosities in Fort Collins

    This Old Town shop is my go-to place for fun birthday and Christmas gifts. You can find some pretty eccentric stuff there for your stoner brother, along with pretty jewelry that grandma would love.

    Mollie Kendrick/TSM
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    Pour Brothers Community Tavern in Fort Collins

    Cuteness is always brewing in Pour Brothers' free photo booth. Their drinks are really great, too! It's always my go-to bar in Fort Collins, so naturally my boyfriend and I went there for my birthday last month.

    Mollie Kendrick/TSM via Pour Brothers' photo booth
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    7 Eleven (everywhere)

    7 Eleven may be a corporation, but each individual location is also a franchise. Therefore, Colorado locations are (hopefully) locally owned, which is really cool. I don't get fountain drinks there but I do love their coffee! Shout out to the 7 Eleven locations on Mainstreet in Windsor and on Broadway & 3rd Ave in Denver. Y'all are bae.

    Joe Raedle/Getty Images
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    Blue Stone in Loveland

    Healing stone necklaces are a huge trend this year, and this is the place you should be getting those gifts. My yellow quartz pendant was maybe $5 from Blue Stone, but corporations like Macy's are selling similar pendants for $80. YIKES!

    Mollie Kendrick/TSM
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    Blue Harvest Apparel in Fort Collins

    Back when I was single and auditioning for The Bachelor, I went to Blue Harvest Apparel looking for an outfit. Not only is that place the coolest, cutest little boutique with a giant succulent out front, but the owner is also incredibly knowledgeable about what outfits look great on any given body type. I got this grey/light purple romper from Blue Harvest Apparel, which was picked out for me by the owner. I was really uncertain how it would look on my body, but once I put it on I was amazed at how well it fit and even made me look 10lbs lighter than I was at the time. So if you're ever looking for a cute outfit for whatever event but don't know what would look good on your body, go here!

    @mollieonair/Mollie Kendrick via Instagram