While we brace for another night of uncertainty involving the High Park Fire, Facebook is littered with posts about people who can see actual flames from points all over Fort Collins. But all we can do is idly sit by while brave fire crews work tirelessly to try and bring the worst wildfire in Northern Colorado's memory to a halt.

The video below nearly brought tears to my eyes. It's from earlier tonight near Horsetooth Reservoir, where people have gathered to watch as the destructive flames inch nearer and nearer to more homes.

We watch this online, as hundreds, if not thousands of people are wondering whether they'll have a home to return to.

And I, like most of us watching the news reports from our living rooms, can't even comprehend what the feeling must be like.

The description on the video:

The helicopter left and now the fire is flaring. Home owners stood on either side of me as I filmed the fire flaring up and small new smoke plumes appeared. I pray the houses will be safe through the night!

This video was created by Star Painter Productions, who has a few more videos from the fire posted on their YouTube Channel. Thank you for letting the rest of us see exactly what is going on up the mountain.

And please, please let this fire meet it's end soon.

From the Larimer Sheriff's 9pm update: The High Park Fire is currently at 41,140 acres with 0% containment, but there was some good progress made today as far as protecting structures and containing the fire with active burns.