Ummmm.... Ow!?!?!  21-year-old Alexandra DeForest was hiking a mountain in Vedauwoo, Wyoming when she sustained a broken ankle. While she awaited help she began filming herself to keep herself busy and calm. She and a friend had went to go camping and the took a hike that afternoon. She was getting ready to jump a trench that her friend had already cleared when she got to close to the edge and fell in. She tried to crawl out but it was too painful. Her friend went to go get help while she waited, with her ankle, that really wasn't attached. Help finally arrived and she was airlifted to MCR in Loveland and was released on Wednesday.

When I filmed myself, I didn't want to feel anxious. I guess it was to take my mind off of what had happened, and to give myself some peace in knowing that I was still level-headed," the Colorado State University senior said by phone.

"Speaking out loud and my stream-of-consciousness settled me," she added. "I was talking about my loved ones and my dog. Anything to keep me from staring at my ankle. It was pretty gross."