I love Greek food and I was bummed out when Taverna Greek Grill shut down in December. (Turns out they the owners are now being sued by the US Dept. of Labor.) However, a brand new Greek restaurant, called Akropolis will be opening up within the next week or two.

On Friday, to the Coloradoan reported that Akropolis could open as early as "next week". The Coloradoan interviewed the owner who said they will serve very authentic Greek cuisine and that most of the food would be priced $6-$12. You can read more about what he said from the Coloradoan. (Baklava Martinis?! I'm sold.)

So, if the details the from the paper are true, Akropolis will be having  soft opening this week and a grand opening in the near future. The restaurant has at least one posting for hostesses and servers on Craigslist.

I drove by the location this weekend and saw the revamped outside of the building, and I have to say I am excited to see what they bring to the table. (What they bring to the table....see what I did there?)

Are you excited as I am for another Greek restaurant in town?

Akropolis is located at the corner of College and West Troutman Parkway in Fort Collins.